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Cynthia Romo

Hi There! I am Cynthia, a short curly haired Latina residing in Los Angeles.

Also known as Ms. Romo. 

I am a teacher by day, and a creative by night. I've been in education for over 15 years and my passion for learning has expanded to many new hobbies over the years. The two most favorite creative outlets for me are sewing and roller skating.

I've been sewing for four years, and roller skating for two. 

As I work with my hands I've learned that I struggle with following step by step directions. I've had to learn to take my time, re-read, ask questions, and be okay with making a lot of mistakes. Everyone has unique ways of absorbing information. Some folks need visuals, some need step by step written directions, some need explicit modeling. With this in mind, I created my youtube page to support folks who need more modeling and explaining of process. I am not an expert in these areas, but I love sharing the skills that I've gained confidence in. 

As I challenge myself in new ways, I encourage and challenge you to try new things! Push yourself to be brave and explore the world in new ways. I hope that my tutorials, and what I share brings joy and inspires you. 


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