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Pay It Forward

Here's the Why: All bodies deserve clothes that fit. Which is why sewing should be inclusive and available to everyone. But unfortunately we know that garment making can be expensive. Fabric is not cheap, patterns are not always affordable. Here is where we can rally as a community to help those in need. 


Here's How: Simply add this "product" to your cart and check out as usual. This will provide funds for someone else who is eager to get sewing, but unable due to financial reasons. 



Pay It Forward

  • Here's where the pay it forward comes in! If you need financial support, simple use the code "sponsorship" when you checkout. I will update the coupon at the beginning of every month. So if you use code "sponsorship" but the code doesn't work, then you know funds have all been used for the month. 

    I've kicked off this campaign by offering 3 scholarships for September. Let's rally together to offer more!


    PS. No questions asked. If you need it, use it!

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